SUNDEW MYANMAR was founded in 2011.
Once upon a time , there were three youths who loved IT.

It was in 2011, a small but creative and motivative team , started to create cool IT products in aim of "Rock the World".On 2nd , May ,2011 , the small team was named "SUNDEW MYANAMR" .
Here are some mile stones of SUNDEW.
In 2011-2012, SUNDEW distributed Phone Shop Management System for Mobile Phone Shops in Yangon Market and got success to some extent. Including not only some famous shops in YANGON ,our host city but also all over the country , SUNDEW sold software and gave service to over 50 customers all around Myanmar.
In 2013 , the first product of SUNDEW Mobile App Team named "MeNote" becomes an App that is used by over 50,000 Myanmar iDevices Users within a month.
In 2014- 2015 , SUNDEW co-operated with IFES (iNGO, based in Washington) and Government Union of Election Commission (UEC) and developed Voter Registration Project for 2015 Election In Myanmar.

  • Stay Hungry , Stay Foolish.

  • Minimalist is the Best

  • Experience Means Everything

  • Unity is Strength

Who we are?

We are living creatures who love to rock the world.


Vice President
Public Relation
-Born in 1992.
-Dropped out from University of Foreign Language (Yangon) in 2008.
-In 2011 ,became only one woman co-founder of SUNDEW MYANMAR.

Htoon Lin

He started his IT Life as a programmer in 2008 after receiving the BSc degree from WYU. He also got PGDCA from Yangon University in 2011 .Then Founded SUNDEW MYANMAR and has been working as a CEO till now.

Yoe Tha

Vice President
Software Engineering
Although being unknown well , he is the most important master of SUDNEW ‘s products.He graduated from UCSY in 2010 and became co-founder of SUNDEW in 2011.Besides Technology, Violin is his favorite.

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